For current (and future) varsity athletes.

MINDSET for sport from the best in the world


When you attend RISEmind…

You’ll meet with Olympic Athletes for 2 hours.

Your objective?

  • To develop the mindset of a champion.

  • To learn the visualization and self-talk techniques that the best in the world use on gameday.

  • To take your performance from merely acceptable to truly outstanding.

  • And to learn the mindset skills that will carry your team forward in sport (and in life).

(It’s a big promise. But we’ve been making it happen for high school athletes through our RISE mentorship program for years — bringing world-class athletes to students around the world to take their self-confidence and performance to the next level).


Your Presenters:

Kami Craig.jpg

Kami Craig


Caroline Burckle


Here are the details:

  • You’ll train mindset with the Olympian(s) for two hours, learning techniques and mental secrets you can use to improve your sport performance immediately.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to learn what it takes to make the next level in your sport of choice — whether you’re aiming to make varsity or compete at the college level.

  • (And we’ll have a great time doing it, with pictures, hanging out, and getting your questions answered about competition, life, and living with the demands of coaches, parents, and heading to college.)

The session is limited to the first 35 student athletes — and we won’t add additional seats, ensuring you get tons of personal attention.

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