I'm Competitive - What Does That Mean?

We as humans are naturally competitive, but it isn't always about trying to win.

We experience “competition” in many aspects of our lives, like in sports, school, and career.

 Like with many things, we can allow this to work to our advantage, allowing us to progress quickly towards the outcomes and goals we desire, but it can also turn into a disadvantage if we are not able to harness it in a productive way. 

A dangerous thought pattern, that we all need to be aware of when it comes to competition in sport, is allowing the thought of not being the best at our discipline hold us back from trying or continuing to participate. It can’t always be about winning or being the best. Although, this can be an extreme motivation. It can often take the fun and enjoyment out of a sport and therefore interfere with performance and we all know happy athletes are fast athletes. ;)

The above is a very limited way of thinking. Let’s open our minds to the advantages of being competitive and recognize the benefits in both a win and lose.

Latching on to the idea of a personal best or personal win is a good place to start. It forces us to be more reflective during our training and competition. It allows an inspiration to get creative with ways we can personally improve and become our own problem solvers and welcome breakthroughs. It will keep you motivated and create some clarity in what drives you both intrinsically and extrinsically. You will begin to develop new beliefs about yourself as you are continually working on being and performing better. You will feel empowered. 

It's about getting better at what we do and who we become.

If being competitive allows us to continually grow, improve, and learn more about ourselves while respecting others in the process. LET’S BE COMPETITIVE.

RISE Blog Contributor

Jess Rocheleau