What You Get

Access to your own personal Olympian Mentor.
Weekly Video Meetings on topics of mindset development, and the accountability to improve the way you approach your sport and life.

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How You Get It

Weekly Video Meetings on the RISE Platform, where you learn how to establish The Athlete Mindset in both sports and life with your Olympian Mentor.


Simple Payments

Free Introduction Meeting when you apply

Membership = $399/month

(4 Month Minimum at startup)


A large percentage of youth athletes have experienced a lack of skills to address unhealthy expectations, leading to low self-worth and a decrease in performance, according to the Center for Elite Sports Research. At RISE, we use a proactive approach with world-class support to promote positive outcomes. Our Olympian Mentors support athletes by instilling skills to help manage pressure through empowerment, focus, and resilience. These activities cultivate a healthy, holistic mindset to achieve peak performance.


Getting Started

  1. Fill out the Application

  2. Complete your Free Intro Video Meeting to get to know your personal RISE Olympian Mentor

  3. You’re a RISE Athlete! Mentoring Starts

Highly successful athletes allow themselves to build habits and break through new barriers by dedicating time to make themselves great.


How does the Pricing Work

Membership is $399 per month. There is a minimum four month commitment… positive change takes time. Payments reoccur automatically each month

Am I committing to payment if I fill out the application?

Nope! By filling out the application, you are starting the conversation. If you decide this doesn’t seem right for you after your free intro meeting, no worries- you won’t be charged. But we have a feeling you’ll like it.

What’s the application process like?

The application is a series of questions about you and what you aim to improve by meeting with your Olympian Mentor. Based on your preferences, personality, and experiences you share in the application, RISE will pair you with your ideal mentor.

How often do i meet my mentor?

Generally athletes meet with their mentor weekly. Each meeting is thirty minutes through our platform’s video chat. You’ll be reminded of your upcoming meetings via email / text message.

Do i talk to my mentor in person?

You’ll connect with your mentor face-to-face on a video meeting, from the comforts of your own home or a quiet space of your choice. How easy! No commuting, accessible anywhere… you’ve got an Olympian in your back pocket!

How do i connect with my mentor outside our meetings?

You’ll message your mentor with important information such as a schedule change, occasional performance updates, or you can request to add additional meetings (pre-competition pump up meeting, for example!)

As a parent, how am i involved?

You are giving your athlete the opportunity to personally bond with their mentor and take self-ownership in their journey. Please join your athlete on their initial Intro Meeting to get to know you child’s mentor. Your support and love is encouraged through this process, though the regular meetings are for the Mentor + Athlete, only. Should questions or concerns arise, you can contact your mentor via email.

How can i learn more about how to support my athlete?

Glad you asked! We have lots of resources available for you-

Parent Support Facebook Group - where you can connect with other parents.

RISE Athletes Facebook Page - for Live Events and mindset knowledge.

Visit our Blog- search by category to get straight to the goods