Kate Ziegler.jpg

Kate Ziegler Davis

Sport: Swimming | USA

Home: Knoxville, TN

Olympics: 2008, 2012 

Favorite Athletic Achievement: Breaking longest standing world record in the 1500-meter freestyle by 10 seconds

Personal Achievement: Overcoming life's struggles and setbacks to grow into a woman I love and cherish.

Why I am Inspired to be a RISE Mentor: I am passionate about helping young athletes recognize their value and best self, not just as athletes but as people. I am inspired by my young athlete who realizes she is stronger and smarter than she once realized. I am inspired by my athlete who stands up for herself for the first time, realizing she has a voice that is uniquely and wonderfully her own and deserves to be heard. I am inspired by my athlete who feared a performance breakthrough may never happen, yet perseveres and achieves a far greater performance than he ever dared to dream. I am inspired by the journey every athlete is on and inspired to help them achieve their fullest self.

What would I tell my 13-year-old self:  A LOT! Just a few things I would tell her...

1) Not to worry so much. It's all going to be ok.

2) Stay in your own lane mentally - don't get caught in the comparison trap. Celebrate your strengths and do the best you can. That's all you can do.

3) Swimming distinguishes but does not define you.


Favorite way to focus: Take a few deep breaths and listen to music OR go for a run - movement helps me focus and clears my mind.

Best way to rest/recover: Bubble baths, massage, going for walks in nature, and reading by the fire

Fun Fact: I hate chocolate (Yes, it's true. Yes, even milk chocolate. Yes, even in chocolate chip cookies.)

What I do now: RISE Mentor, motivational speaking, Director of Marketing at Zone Swimwear

My Favorite Mentoring Moment: I can't choose just one. I love the light bulb/breakthrough moments and celebrating my athletes. When my athlete hadn't gone a best time for months and was severely doubting herself, yet through her hard work and mentorship dropped times in all her best races. Or the email I received from an athlete's excited parent who said he's seen a total transformation in his son's perspective of himself and his sport.