Jessica Long

Swimming | USA

Home: Baltimore, Maryland

Olympics: 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016

Medal Count: 23

Favorite Athletic Achievement: I am most proud of my very first Paralympic medal at 12 age. I was not expected to make Team USA and I was hardly expected to final. So winning a gold was easily the most exciting moment of my life as a swimmer.

Personal Achievement: My personal achievement is seeing the next generation be inspired by my story. I love seeing anyone reach a goal they thought was impossible.

Why I am Inspired to be a RISE Mentor: What inspires me is to give back! Life can get tough and we all need a little encouragement and a friend. I hope to be that to my athletes.

What would I tell my 13-year-old self: If I could go back and tell myself one thing it would be this... enjoy the little moments and don't take life too seriously... have the ice cream :)

Favorite way to focus: I love visualizing. I'm a big believer in this. If you can see it, you can achieve it!

Best way to rest/recover: Sleep and a hot bath. I love having time to myself.

Fun Fact: I was born of Leap Year. I have a birthday every 4 years. Currently 6 and 3/4.

What I do now: Still competing! You can find me at a coffee shop journaling or reading.

My Favorite Mentoring Moment: I had this little girl come up to me at a swim meet and she had just lost her leg from cancer. She wanted a picture and told me I was her hero... little did she know I would never forget that moment.