#behindthescenes Series

Each month - RISE tunes in with one of our Olympian Mentors.

Piggybacking off of her Q&A with our RISE Community, Kate Ziegler shares her experience with feeling the pressure to perform for others, her fear of failing, and how she finally returned back to herself to perform.
Learn tips for young athletes as they prepare for this road to collegiate athletics. Help them be the athletes who own the process and make a final decision that will support them through the four to five most foundational years of their lives. MINDSET going into college is REAL skill to develop.
Breeja Larson is an Olympic Swimmer that has dealt with both beautiful successes and also has had her share of setbacks and failures. She is a beautiful example of an athlete that has been through the mental-ringer... overthought everything and in turn caused herself a great deal of inner pain.
Rebecca Soni tells her story of how she overcame SELF-DOUBT. Working through these stories is how we learn to increase our confidence. Overcoming and working through stories of self-doubt is one of the key pillars to peak performance, and something we work on with our athletes at RISE through our mentorship program.