Bridgert Sloan.jpg

Bridget Sloan

Gymnastics | USA

Home: Orlando, Florida

Olympics: 2008

Medals: Silver, Team

Favorite Athletic Achievement: 2008 Olympics, 2009 World champion, 9x NCAA Champion

Personal Achievement: 

Why I am Inspired to be a RISE Mentor: Giving back. I love being able to share my struggles, my successes, and everything in between.

What would I tell my 13-year-old self: All those hard days are shaping who you are meant to be. All the success you have shape who you are meant to be. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

Favorite way to focus: Music

Best way to rest/recover: I love a lazy day on the couch

Fun Fact: I know how to knit! One Christmas everyone got a scarf....I might bring that back :)

What I do now: Iā€™m a working girl now but I also am very big into CrossFit

My Favorite Mentoring Moment: When you see your athlete smile and get excited before you ask them anything because they have amazing news.