Sara Lowe.png

Sara Lowe

Sport: Synchronized Swimming | USA

Home: Highland Village, TX

Olympics: 2004 Athens

Medals: Bronze

Favorite Athletic Achievement: I am very proud to have had the opportunity to represent the United States in the Olympic Games. I was also recently inducted into the Stanford Athletics Hall of Fame, which is another athletic moment of which I am very proud!

Personal Achievement: I coached the USA Synchro National Team to multiple podium <nishes and the Stanford Synchronized Swim Team to two National Championship titles.

Why I am Inspired to be a RISE Mentor: I enjoy working with younger athletes! I get inspired through helping them set goals and encouraging them as they work through the process of achieving their goals. I particularly love to see a younger athlete achieve something they did not think they could and the sense of accomplishment this brings to them!

What would I tell my 13-year-old self: You can relax a bit. You do not need to accomplish all of your goals right away!

Favorite way to focus: I like to go for a run when I need to focus and think.

Best way to rest/recover: I love to cook when I need to rest and recover!

Fun Fact: I love ice cream! My favorite flavor is pistachio which is great because it is not the most popular among my friends and family. This just means I get more for myself!

What I do now: I work with high school student-athletes desiring to pursue their academic and athletic goals in college. I advise them on their academics and athletics and help them navigate the college admissions process. I also coach for the club with which I grew up swimming in Dallas.

My Favorite Mentoring Moment: My favorite mentoring moment came when I was working with an athlete on the USA Synchro 12 and Under team. The athlete was the youngest on the team and was the alternate, which meant she need to know all eight spots on the team. She was struggling to learn each spot, so we came up with a plan to sit down each night and go through each spot until she was able to understand and feel comfortable. She is now much older and thriving on the USA Synchro National Team!