RISE Mentoring 

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Your Child (and their Olympian Mentor)

We’re swimmers. Water polo players. Rowers. And all of us, former Olympians. And we understand….

- What it’s like to be young and competitive
- How just one mentor can make all the difference
- And how just a few important mental skills, couched in the tenets of positive sports psychology, can make competing fun, fulfilling, and transformative.

We work with kids one-on-one to teach them the skills we wish we’d developed as young athletes — learning to balance competition, friends, school, and family.

And we’ll meet once a week (virtually, on your schedule).
For 30 minutes.
For 4 months.

And we’ll bring them to the next level, helping them succeed in competition and sport — and perhaps more importantly, helping them become stronger, more resilient people (alongside their own Olympian mentor).

If you’d like to discuss what RISE can do for your son or daughter, click below.

We’ll have an in-depth, no strings attached discussion and see if RISE is right for your young athlete.

My daughter LOVES her mentor, Elizabeth. She was able to really open up about her struggles with plateauing. We saw an incredible improvement in both her personal presence and her performance at school and the pool!

As parents, we all do our best and with some trial and error, get our kids to be happy as much as possible. This approach provides them with an incredible opportunity to learn and grow in ways that parents simply can’t do on their own.
— Parent of a RISE Athlete