How Relationships Create Lasting Impact on Sport and Life

Our team at RISE feels strongly about we do and the impact we are able to have on the next generation of athlete’s in all sport disciplines.  The most rewarding part about witnessing the relationship and growth between our Olympian mentors and athletes, is how DEEP of an impact they have made on one another over a consistent, curriculum based, yet individualized program, over time.  This deep rooted, forever lasting impact, does not happen overnight, which makes the process even more so appreciated by the mentors, the athletes, and the parents who witness their child turn into an empowered fire cracker, over time.  Now that we have “talked our talk,” let’s take a look at some of the walk with some real life feedback from the parents and athletes who have been a part of the RISE Mentorship program.

Below are some direct words from some of the athletes who have gone through the RISE Mentorship program

“I would just like to thank you, don't know if I have before which is kind of embarrassing, but I'd like to thank you for all you taught me. I have also realized how the level of thinking that you taught me, is not practiced by many. I see more and more of your words in everything that I do and everything that I believe in, and it has definitely shaped me into the person that I have become today. I am constantly impressed with my results and always wandering into new ideas and opportunities that (thanks to you) I feel that I can take on. My level of self confidence and understanding of the person and I am and what I’m capable of, would not be the same.”

-ATHLETE, Christian

“The biggest thing I have noticed is my belief and confidence in myself. Also my focus has gotten better. I am able to push myself harder than I have ever been able to before, no matter if it’s in practice or in races. The online course has helped me believe in myself! I realize now that I don’t need to train harder, I need to train smarter.  Rebecca taught me to focus on what I do well and make that even better.  I now face competition with excited energy rather just hoping I do well.


Below are some direct words from the parents of the athletes who have gone through the RISE Mentorship Program.

“Bryn was so amped yesterday after your session.  She talked about it for hours..  Looks like someone is on the "rise" in so many ways.  I am so grateful that you have taken Bryn under your wing.  It's so exciting to see her so pumped up about everything.  

-PARENT Jonna 

“If I may be frank, she ADORES what you have to say, values your time, honors your homework assignments, and LOVES how you make her feel.  She even designated a drawer space in her desk for you.  YOU are impacting, YOU are helping X be a better person, YOU are a blessing and we are so thankful for YOU!!!”

-PARENT Cereana 

Not only do our RISE Mentors focus on sport but just as importantly, life outside of sport

“My daughter is in a private school and is a self-motivator.  However, her mentor provides strategies, study plans, and encouragement to continue her excellent education.  Caroline makes a point to always have school and family come before extra-curricular activities, which is our family’s motto.  Caroline is grounded, level, and amazing about making sure the child(ren) are completing the required scholastic needs.  She is amazing and will work with you on your child(ren) school deadlines on particular subjects and projects, including the crazy schedules that crop up.”

What were your highlights of watching your kids go through their mentoring sessions with RISE, and with Caroline?


“Caroline and Rebecca both have specific intentions on each child…that’s the beauty—they see individuality as its best and how best to embrace that child.  Both Caro and Reb are phenomenal.  They truly care about each and every athlete they work with.  Give them the chance, no questions, they are absolutely AMAZING mentors and athletes to work with!”

What advantages do you feel your child now has?

“Strength, self-confidence, leadership, and ownership.  This wonderful RISE Mentorship has given my daughter the strength she needs to bloom.  Caroline and Rebecca are absolutely fabulous mentors and every parent should jump-at-the-chance to mentor their child(ren) with RISE.  They are top-notch mentors and educators.  I am blessed to work with them for my daughter.”

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Jess Rocheleau

RISE Blog Contributor