Resilience - Why is it Important?

The power of one word. The impact of one word. The meaning of one word. 

There are a handful of words that begin with the letter R that hold some extreme power, impact, and meaning. Relaxation, Rejuvenate, Recover, Relentless…

The R word we are delving into this week is RESILIENCY.  

A word we guarantee most of you have been putting into practice without even realizing it. 

To put a visual on the word resiliency, imagine the toy we all know and love, a slinky. With the force of your own hands, you can push the coils of a slinky together to the point where there is no space between each coil and with the same control of your own hands, you can let go and no matter what, that slinky is going to spring up, expand, and even travel from its original location.

This scenario correlates directly to the meaning it has in describing any situation that may be of difficulty, disappointment, or a setback in life. Sometimes not entirely in our control, however, it is inevitable that in some way, a weight of pressure can reside on our shoulders as we set out to accomplish both athletic, personal, and professional goals.  

Our ability to BOUNCE BACK when our efforts end in a disappointment is known as having resiliency. 

Once again, it is how YOU (seeing a trend here? 😉) react, respond, and overcome these situations that will set you up for success in the future.

Resiliency can look anything like falling off the teeter totter at age 5 and deciding to get back on to being .01 away from the 100 meter freestyle Junior Olympic qualification standard yet deciding to come back more motivated, more strong and faster the next time around. 

Whatever the endeavor, we must bounce back.  We live. We learn. We fail. We try. We fail. We try again. WE SUCCEED. 

Naturally, we all learn and experience at different rates and levels of extremity but having a mentor to off-set the learning curve works wonders on the path to self-mastery and whatever endeavors you seek to conquer.

What makes the difference between catching on to this power of resiliency we all have inside us sooner rather than later? Encouragement and guidance from family, community, and mentors, who have experienced the full on brunt of what it takes to become resilient.

 Imagine the confidence and strength of cultivating this at a young age and how potentially life altering it could be.

Jess Rocheleau

RISE Blog Contributor