How RISE Mentors Empower Athletes

It’s difficult to put into words how strongly our team feels about our mission to help others along in their journey to become the best version of themselves as people and as athletes. Encouraging self-ownership of the growth process. It just so happens that our team of mentors is a group of Olympic athletes who have reached the ultimate peak of athletic ability and performance representing the USA in their discipline. 

Knowing what they have learned throughout their journey…overcoming obstacles, disappointments, personal struggles, emotional ups, emotional downs, etc. heightens their ability and desire the help their athletes. Many of our mentors wish there was a mentorship program like RISE to guide them personally at the early stages in their athletic and personal lives.  Which makes what we are doing so special! 

The Compassion is REAL.

Let’s hear from some of our mentors and their athletes with some real-life feedback.

Rebecca Soni, six-time Olympic medalist, specializing in breastroke, being the first woman to swim under 2 minutes and 20 seconds in the 200-meter breastroke.


“As a mentor, grateful to help my athletes create a solid foundation of tools, abilities, and mental strength for them to tap into at any time. It’s so great when I see them start utilizing those tools and solving problems in a productive and stable way!”


 “As I’ve gone through a lot of changes, I’ve realized more and more how impactful your words and teachings have been. I see more and more of what I learned present in everything that I do, everything that I believe in, and it has definitely shaped me into the person that I have become today.”

Caroline Burkle, 2008 Olympic medalist, specializing in the 800-meter freestyle. 


I love working with the athletes because this is the support and guidance I would have wanted at that age! It is so important to connect with a role model, and also to learn from them. As a mentor, it feels really awesome to empower this next generation to achieve their goals, and in doing so, it is extremely rewarding to see them become more confident individuals both in and out of sport.”


 “Caroline empowers me to keep on going and striving toward a goal and to have a mental and physical toughness. When things are tough she helps me to conquer the obstacles ahead by teaching me the skills to do it on my own!”

RISE Blog Contributor

Jess Rocheleau