Developing a Leader

When you think about a leader, either someone iconic in history or in everyday life, what type of qualities or attributes would you use to describe this person? 

Some that may come to mind; outspoken, strong hearted, passionate, communicator, decision maker, inspirer, empathic, honest, confident. 

Now think back to an experience when you were asked to make a decision or even just voice your opinion among your peers. How did that make you feel? Did you embody some of these qualities? Did you feel empowered? Confident? Nervous? Insecure?

If you resonated more with feeling empowered and confident…GREAT. If you felt more on the nervous or insecure side…GREAT. No matter who you are, you WILL feel all the feels no matter how young or old of age. It’s what you do after you experience these emotions that counts.

Do you hide away from the discomfort and fear or do you dive in head first to take reign of these emotions and practice turning them into your super powers. 

The situation above dictates those who become leaders and those who don’t. No one is born with any character enhancements.  Although, many may like to use that as an excuse to lay low. Yes, it may come more naturally to some but that doesn’t mean it makes it any easier to develop what it takes to be a good leader. Behind the scenes, aka in your brain, the work needs to be done. Just like you practice your sport or a math problem or any life skill, success doesn’t happen overnight. 

Practice makes perfect. Now how many times have you heard this?! From teachers, coaches, and parents (too many to count) …but we must admit it holds much truth.

Cultivating the courage over discomfort mindset daily at a young age is supreme. 

This means voicing opinions when appropriate, interacting with peers, feeling unapologetic for what you believe in, communicating with authority figures as an individual, and making decisions as an individual. All the above done in a respectful and intentional manner. 

When these situations become an intentional daily practice, confidence will blossom.  Always learning and always improving the admirable qualities of a true leader.

BOTTOM LINE. Every single person has the born ability to become a leader. It takes BRAVERY to stand up and stand out. It takes ENCOURAGEMENT at a young age, so surround yourself with people who will help create an environment where you can learn, grow, and THRIVE. 

RISE Blog Contributor

Jess Rocheleau