Crushing College Recruiting

There is no doubt about it, the college athletic recruitment process can be stressful for athletes. Getting pulled in all sorts of directions, lots of letters in the mail, and opinions from every person who thinks they know what the right decision is, it can be a lot of handle. Although it is an exciting time in your life, the process can be overwhelming and a lot of work. Remember, recruiting in a two way street: just as a college coach evaluates an athlete, an athlete is evaluating the coach, the program and the school. So let’s look at ways to help minimize the stress.

1.     Make a plan - it is important to craft a plan on how to approach this process. Without a plan, the process can feel overwhelming as you are blindly trying to figure out what is best. Research, Research, Research. This research might include internet searches or talking with coaches, other college athletes, and others who have been through the process. Step one? Make a big list of schools that have sparked your interest and begin to narrow down your search as you do your research.

2.     Focus on what you can control- Let’s face it, there are many things you cannot control within the process. From what coaches need for their team or whether the school will accept you or not, these things only simply mean that the school wasn’t a good fit. Focus on what you can control in the moment - Don’t stress about colleges being interested in you, concentrate on competing the way you are capable of and the interest will follow.

3.     Think about what is going to be the right fit for YOU. Again, it can feel that you are being pulled in a million directions through this process but it is ultimately your decision. Some questions you may want to use to guide you as you are doing your research are as follows:

What are the most important qualities am I looking for in a university? What is the education like at this university?

·       How far from home do I want to be?

·       Do I want a small or large student body population?

·       Will a degree from this institution allow me to achieve my career goals?

·       If a have a major in mind, does the university offer it and is it a quality program?

Do I think the coaching staff can help me to accomplish my short and long term goals?

·       Can I see myself getting along with the coaching staff?

·       How will this coaching staff to work to achieve my goals?

·       Success rate of coaching staff and team?

Do I feel comfortable around the team?

·       Do I feel as though my personality and who I am blends well with the team atmosphere?

·       Does the team act supportive of one another?

·       Is the program combined or separated into male/female?

If I no longer could participate in my sport, would I still like the university?

·       If I was ever injured or could not participate in my sport, would I still be happy here?

Have no fear and trust your gut because you will make the decision that it ultimately best for you! For more information, shoot us an email: