BELIEVE - The Magic of Self-Belief

What does this one word, BELIEVE, mean to you?

Can ONE word change the outcome of a thought, a moment, a day, a week, a month, a life trajectory?

IT CAN. 100%.


There’s a power to this word. Such a power that when you feel it, is like nothing else. Have you experienced the power of what it feels like to believe in yourself? I mean, to truly believe in your capabilities and your ability to reach beyond, without doubt.

How do you express your belief in others capabilities? To your kids, your athletes, your best friends, your brothers, and sisters. You talk them up, right? 

You say to others: “You got this!” 

“You are so talented” 

“You put in the work and you’re more than ready for this!”

It may go a little something like that. So, now we ask...How do you express your belief in your own capabilities? Similar methods? YES! Talk yourself up. 

aka… positive self-talk.


It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day process of ANYTHING, but this process is what makes or breaks us. It does not matter how cliché or overused this saying may be, the little things are the big things in a daily routine. A morning ritual/routine to set the tone for the day is magical. 

If we have over 60,000 thoughts a day and we could harness just half of those thoughts to be geared toward self love and self belief. How intensely different could the trajectory of a single day be?! Ponder that. 


This doesn’t happen overnight, and this isn’t something you one day wake up and acknowledge is there and then suddenly believe in yourself…although wouldn’t that be great? NOPE. It is a day in and day out process.

It’s comes in waves. It’s never constant. 

It takes consistent cultivation and self awareness. 

It’s patience, grit, grace, and persistence.


Take the time to listen to or read about the stories behind some of the greats of the past or present-day, people who are making dents in their area of profession. Doing so has shown that absolutely nothing is ever rainbows and butterflies. There is no cookie-cutter path. Everything is not always what it seems, especially in a world so wrapped up in social media presence. Dig in and find the truths behind the most fulfilled and happy people you know.


THIS is what is not taught in any school, at any age, but is something our RISE Olympian mentors feel very strongly about in incorporating into our Olympian/Athlete mentorship programs. Sharing real life stories, experiences, struggles, high, and lows to get to a certain goal or destination point in life. Being real and relatable, creating a connection and safe space to open up because we are all humans trying to do our best. 


“What we do comes out of who we believe we are.” – Rob Bell


Read, Write, Reread,Repeat


Acknowledge and hold onto the methods that work best for you. If you or your athlete don’t have any methods or don’t know where to begin, that’s where our RISE mentors come in. We want to help.


Continue to cultivate a positive outlook on daily life processes based around self-belief.  Reading, taking notes, and rereading can work wonders on days when your self belief feels faded and lacking. Write down a sentence or two that can keep those little negative voices from creeping in. 

It’s remarkable what reading a sentence can do to a thought pattern.


Although, YOU ALONE are responsible for making self-belief a practice. You do get by with a little help from family, friends, mentors, and coaches who can see your vision and be a guiding light when the darkness comes creeping in. With the importance of creating, attracting, and holding onto a like-minded tribe of people who only add to your life dreams and visions.


  1. It takes being open to the possibility that you are truly more capable than what you think you are & actually believing it with every bone in your body.

  2. It takes a choice on what you envision yourself doing. A passion or simply latching on to what you're good at and what you see longevity in or even just an opportunity that can be used as a stepping stone to get to another.

  3.  HARD WORK.

No glamour, no sugar coat. 


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