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Olympians on a mission to empower the next generation of youth athletes



Membership include weekly face-to-face video meetings with your very own Olympic Mentor.



You get an accountability partner to reinforce positive habits, cultivate a positive mindset for performance, and overcome obstacles in sport and life.


Our program allows you to access your video meetings and materials, schedule and connect with your mentor, and arrange easy payments of $399 per month. Piece of cake.


A new, 2-hour, exclusive event
featuring your favorite Olympians



Explore why you get nervous & how to turn performance anxiety into personal power




Check out the science behind the magic of RISE mentoring


RISE Founders

Rebecca Soni &
Caroline Burckle

Our friendship dates back further than sharing an apartment in the Olympic Village in Beijing 2008. Fast forward 7 years and we officially established our business, RISE Athletes, in 2015.

Our goal: to create a community of Olympians that empowers the next generation of athletes through mentorship. We are excited to provide world-class support to youth athletes and generate personal and professional growth for Olympians all over the world.

What They’re Saying

Working with a RISE Mentor has helped my daughter to see how much she has accomplished in her short life and what great things that she has yet to achieve in her future. Her mentor has gotten my daughter to see and value herself as a person, athlete, teammate, etc.
— Stacy (RISE Parent)
I realize now that I don’t need to train harder, I need to train smarter. My mentor taught me to face competitions with excited energy rather than just hoping I do well.
— Annie (RISE Athlete)

Develop the Athlete Mindset
with your Olympian Mentor

The RISE Community is wherever you are.

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